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Repairs and Maintenance

All machines, great or small, require maintenance to perform at their peak. Unfortunately, such maintenance and repair is often fraught with unforeseen delays as replacement parts and maintenance staff have to be sourced, leading to the mounting costs of idle time. One of Tara Groups goals is to minimise such down time: our workshop is always stocked with spare parts and replacement components, and skilled specialists are on hand to ensure that your equipment’s idle time is kept to the bare minimum. An essential component of or service is to ensure that you not only have the right tool for the job, but that each and every piece of equipment is maintained in its highest working order.
Caterpillar dump truck repair

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OEM Parts | Dedicated Workshop

We endeavour to use only the highest quality parts from our vehicle’s original manufacturer as part of our maintenance procedures; our use of high quality OEM parts ensures that our fleet is always running at its maximum capacity.

photo is property of midwest diesel