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Tara Group, Industry Specialists

Trí na chéile a thógt na chaisléain: By working together, we can build castles

Tara Group are industry specialists in the area of construction, mining and gas equipment. We provide rental services for an extensive range of construction and hauling vehicles, including dump trucks, loaders, excavators, wheel loaders and other equipment. With over 60 years of combined experience in the machinery rental industry we have the skill, knowledge, and range to provide the right equipment for your precise needs.

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Our one and only priority is the customer satisfaction

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Focused On Safety

Safety is our number one priority, allowing customers to get the job done, safely and effectively.

  • Market leading systems and support including 24 hours GPS tracking technology and tyre technology improvements
  • High focus culture, with positive working attitudes and behaviour
  • Extensive internal and external safety audit program.
  • Implementation of various health programmes and initiatives
  • Ongoing skills development and competency testing


Interested in learning more? Check out our Capabilities Statement

Why Rent?

There are numerous reasons as to why you should rent heavy machinery. Here are some we think are very valuable.

Minimum Inventory

Idle equipment will generate idling costs, and equipment ownership can be expensive. Our rental equipment can allow your business to operate on a minimum owned inventory to quash idle time and costs.


Right Equipment For The Job

We offer a wide range of specialist equipment to meet the most exacting needs, eliminating the hidden costs of inefficiency from ill-suited or incorrectly sized equipment.



Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional repair. We minimize idle time by replacing vehicles in need of maintenance and repairing our fleet with our own well stocked and staffed workshop.



A rental agreement eliminates the need for storage areas and warehousing, reducing your overhead costs of doing business.



Rented equipment includes full maintenance; no need for you to worry about repair shops, spare parts inventory, or added maintenance payroll, Tara Group has you covered.


Equipment Obsolescence

Ownership of heavy equipment carries with it the risk of eventual obsolescence, as well as the costs of preparing second hand equipment for resale. Tara Group strives to keep its rental fleet modern and fit for duty, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


Cost Control

Knowing the true cost of owned equipment is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the rental invoice cost.



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